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Sydney’s Most Awarded Group Cooking Classes

Corporate cooking classes are an exciting team building activity that get your team more engaged and energised about working together. Low hassles, we take the work out of it. We pride ourselves in running Sydney’s best group classes in the cooking space!


Cooking and team building go hand in hand. Creating cuisine has always been considered a social activity and at VictorsFood – with different classes offering distinct styles, themes and modes of teaching – there’s a fit for you.


There are many reasons for the increasing popularity of cooking classes as the new means of team building or group bonding activities. It’s an activity that is very inclusive – meaning it is highly suitable for a variety of people irrespective of their age or fitness level. As an increasing problem within traditional group activities where the needs of certain people are either ignored or cannot be accounted for, cooking is universal – it is an all-encompassing, all-welcoming activity which is suitable for all.


Over two decades, our team at VictorsFood have methodically perfected their own unique process that melds fun experiences with real end results (and no, not just delicious food). Our cooking classes are purposeful – we are a tight knit group ourselves so know plenty about what it takes to build and maintain a strong team.


It breaks down barriers within hierarchies and even across different cultures. Team Building Cooking Classes also encourage discussion after the event – from verbal recreation of the dish to trying to convince you to have another class!


Pick any delectable cuisine to learn from our award-winning Sydney Cooking Classes and go home absolutely full – physically, emotionally and intellectually!


Contact us now for our easy-to-organise set-price Virtual Group Cooking Event for any number of people – including tuition, equipment, preparations and shopping list, recipes, cooking demonstration, guided hands-on cooking, and the meal you make.


Our in person cooking classes include tuition, ingredients, recipes, hands-on cooking, a glass of wine (BYO wine if you would like a bit more) and a meal. You may wear closed, low-heeled shoes and we will happily loan you your own apron for the entire duration of the class. you can also opt to purchase our top quality apron for $22.00 (Includes GST).

Here at VictorsFoods Sydney, be it for a Group, Corporate, Catering or Private event, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today at 0413 454 789 or leave us a quick message here. Bon Appetit!

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