Why Blokes Love (Corporate) Cooking (Events) – Top 10 Reasons

So often I’ve heard from people (men and women) “I’d love to do one of your team building cooking classes for my company, but it’s mostly blokes and they wouldn’t like it.” Now I can’t know every team, but I still think that excuse just couldn’t be more wrong.

cooking for men

We’ve found that our hands-on corporate cooking events are great hits with blokes. We’ve done team building culinary with teams of hydraulic engineers, the Caltex national supply chain team, OneSteel and other teams of “blokes” and they have all loved it. Why?

Well we’ve asked a lot of them and, in the spirit of Top 10 lists, below we present the top 10 reasons blokes say they love our corporate cooking events:

cooking for men

  1. They are aware of and interested in the popularity of cooking shows, e.g. MasterChef, MKR, etc – and we give them a taste of this world.
  2. They are often not ‘allowed’ in the kitchen at home, so are intrigued and perhaps a bit frustrated – we make it accessible and fun and they can show off at the event and at home.
  3. Blokes love to feel competent at a variety of challenges – and we make sure they are!
  4. Blokes love to work with their hands – “It’s just a different set of tools” – as one of a group of hydraulic engineers put it at one of our events.
  5. It let’s them be more in control of their health and nutrition – did I mention our “cook smart to eat well” approach?
  6. It gives them a creative outlet they don’t often get at work or home – our recipes are always creative enough to be interesting, and easy enough to be attainable.
  7. And hey, some blokes just love to cook because they love to eat – we do too!
  8. They love to be competitive – check out our MasterChef Challenge!
  9. They can save money from eating out – a good meal out these days is at least $50-70 per person. For half of that (or often much less) you can create a dazzling meal at home.
  10. And as our Exec Chef, Victor says “If you know how to cook: if you’re single, you’ll never be without a date; and if you’re married or in a long-term relationship, when you cook for your partner it’s all ON again”. (Especially if you clean up!)

So, the next time you hear someone automatically assuming that guys wouldn’t like cooking, tell them to think again!

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