Where to find tinned chipotle chillies in Australia

Chipotle chillies are a smoked jalapeno chilli, which come from Mexico. They are usually bought tinned in adobo sauce, but can also be found dried. The tinned chillies are easier to work with, and more flavoursome.

In my Street Food: Mexican Fiesta and Modern Mexican cooking classes, people are enamoured of the amazing flavour of these chillies and want to recreate these at home. While it’s not always easy to find a shop local to you for these, most of the shops below offer online ordering and home delivery. You can find them at several stores in Sydney, including:

  • Essential Ingredient on the North Shore,
  • Captain Torres Deli on Liverpool in the CBD, and
  • Delicado in North Sydney.

To purchased larger quantities, try www.fireworksfoods.com.au who do ship.

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