The Secret Recipe For Team Building

There’s a new recipe for team building

Modern, emotionally intelligent employees have forced corporate leaders to upgrade their team building activities forever. Gone are the days of awkward events that no-one enjoys, the new way to build teams is dynamic, fun and well considered. Employers have to make an effort to retain employees with higher standards and greater capabilities than ever.

The bottom line is that whatever team building you do has to create a positive impact on your team. It needs to draw them together, let each of them shine and help them to see each other’s points of view. There’s nothing better than a team building day to uncover the potential leaders and pull everyone else back into line with the team’s objectives rather than their personal goals for career advancement.


How to build EQ amongst your team

Studies show that working on building Emotional Intelligence for both the leaders and the followers in your team will result in increased job performance and job satisfaction. When employees feel a sense of meaning and self-worth in their jobs, they begin to function at their true potential. As a corporate leader, it’s your job to bring that out in them.


Emotionally Intelligent Employees…

  • Desire to align their values with those of their employer and seek workplaces where they can flourish.
  • Treat others well and leave a positive impact on the people they work with even in tough situations.
  • Have daily habits and behaviours that demonstrate reliability, trust, open-mindedness and willingness.


Team building MasterChef Style

After years in the kitchen building teams from every type of industry, here are some of the behaviours we’ve witnessed good leaders displaying naturally. Nurture these behaviours in yourself, and you’re bound to see the results spread throughout your team.

        1. Create constant opportunities to shine

As a leader, you need to make sure your team takes centre stage. Think of yourself as the master of the spotlight and continuously shine it on members of your team. Give them chances to step up at meetings and in presentations. Trust that they will make you proud and remember that every time a member of your team shines, you do too.

        1. Don’t be afraid to be human

Yes, it’s wise to have workplace boundaries but try talking to your team about the things you care about instead of keeping it all “business”. Move away from the facts and figures and share your desires and goals for the role you’re in. Help them to understand that you are more than just a boss but just another human trying to get by as best you can beside them.

        1. Stand by your team unapologetically

Even if you know a mistake has been made, stand by your team unapologetically. When you place your 100% backing behind a member of your team, they will feel included and honoured. The goal is to have them return your loyalty tenfold even if it means taking a small hit to your ego along the way. Make it clear that mistakes are just part of the process.

        1. Verbalise your support, don’t assume they know it’s there

Say the words: “I support you, I’m here for you” each day and stop assuming that your team can read your mind. The key is to lift people up and make them feel secure before they have to take risks in the workplace. When you do this, you create a fun and open environment where employees feel as if they can offer opinions safely and you’ll get the best from the brainpower you have on board.


Too many chefs? Try team building in the kitchen

After many years providing team building seminars, we’ve seen almost every problem resolved in the MasterChef kitchen. It’s a fun and fast-paced way to challenge your team and bring them together in new ways. If you’re at a loss for what to do for a team building event this year consider booking with the team building experts! Just give us your objectives and let us make them a reality.

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