The Great Green Team – Carbon Offset and Organic Team Building

Having a sustainable business has just gotten a little easier. My company, VictorsFood is offering the first ever carbon offset and organic team building cooking options.

When you have your team building event with us, whether you choose our 45-minute Cook Smart to Eat Well or our 4-hour MasterChef Challenge or other team building activity, you can opt for us to buy carbon offsets against the estimated emissions from your event, and to buy organic ingredients as possible.

Yes, it encourages thinking out of the box, which is what team building activities are supposed to help develop. Making this a MasterChef Challenge to boot gives teams that competitive edge that they love when they meet head to head over a piece of broccoli. You have to admit it can be very funny.

Keeping local in mind, we always use as much as we can from local growers, and are taking steps to develop and implement our own sustainability plan, including having offset our own emissions for the last year. But, this offering takes it a step further. Offering carbon offset and organic team building events to our customers is important to me personally in that it showcases a way of the future, a way people can bring a positive ethics into how they eat and what they cook and even into their work.

Has anyone else heard of any Green Cooking Team Building events that you can share with me? If so, inquiring minds want to know. Check out the new option for Team Building which we now offer – Go the Great Green Team!

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