The Fine Food Show Darling Harbour – September 7-10 2009

The Fine Food Show was on this past week and the place was packed when I attended on Tuesday afternoon. From teriyaki salmon jerky to spiced teas from Sri Lanka the world was there to celebrate food. As usual with these trade shows there is a lot of products that you just can’t imagine anyone buying but there has to be someone out there who wants it otherwise why would it be there? My big finds for the day were the pastry shells from France and all the new eco bags and storage containers on offer. You gotta love a good storage container don’t ya and it being green is very important to me. There were aisles and aisles of restaurant equipment and being I don’t own one anymore it was nice to pass it by but I couldn’t help myself to look at all the shiny stainless steel. The organic section was a lot bigger then in the past so that made going through the aisles of frozen processed foods all worth it. Honest to Goodness is one of my favourite on line organic stores.

One of the highlights was Los Chileros organic chilli products from Santa Fe. This colourful stand with intense chilli products sells the best of Santa Fe in terms of dried chilli rubs, powders and spices. This product line is very big in America and popular on the shelves of Whole Foods so having it come to Australia is a bonus. Hopefully they made some contacts so they can sell their product in Australia as most of the spices are not available here. From looking at the pictures of the owner and the stand you get the idea that they love what they do. The show had it all and it’s big and bold and there is enough stainless steel to bring a small nation to it’s knees but hey it’s the food game and they are there to flaunt their stuff. Lets’ hope they leave the processed food home next year. Did anyone find any great finds in the show? Foodies want to know!
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