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St George Bank
This would have to be one of the best team events I have attended. Everyone in the group really enjoyed the experience and are still all raving about the food that we created. Victor & Greg made the night enjoyable and informative for all and I think we have all come away with new recipes to add to our repertoires.
Andrea Bradley HR Director Panasonic
It was a fantastic night and probably the best Christmas party I’ve been too, so I’ve also recommended it to other people!
Mai Ly Price Water House Coopers (PwC)
It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Your team were great and did a fantastic job creating a vibrant atmosphere. The food was tasty – especially since we had to cook it ourselves! I haven’t heard any complaints yet, just how much fun it was. Thanks again to you and your team.
Elise Mah Chut Brand Manager, Citizen Watches Australia
Our Christmas party was a hit thanks to VictorsFood. The Masterchef Challenge was a great team building exercise where our staff were able to interact with people they don’t normally work with on a day to day basis, building trust and rapport amongst staff. But best of all, it was FUN, the food was delicious. Plus we all learnt a tip or two about cooking. Thumbs up for a great job.
Adam Pay Managing Director, Kmart Tyre & Auto Service
Thank you so much to VictorsFood for the very successful Masterchef Challenge. We brought together 30 of our Senior Leaders for a week-long conference that included this event. The feedback received from all who attended was overwhelmingly positive. Thank you to Jason, “Gourmet” Greg and of course the wonderful Wanitha. Her passion was infectious and her team’s ability to excite had us delivering results that surpassed all our expectations. I would have no hesitation in recommending VictorsFood to anyone considering an amazing experience.
Tiffanie Daniell Executive Assistant Westpac
Great team building event. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed interacting with others in the group!
Sheetal Shah Telstra
We had a great time making pizza with Victor and his chefs. … From the time I contacted VictorsFood until the day of the event, I found everyone I dealt with very professional and so accommodating of my group’s needs. What I also like is that they really take the time to understand what it is we’re trying to achieve and take into account our company objectives, mission statement, values etc. On the day of the event itself, the pace was fast and there wasn’t a moment of boredom. Victor has perfected his recipes, and even the most novice of cooks was involved in creating yummy pizzas for all to enjoy. By the end of it, my group was raving on about how much fun they had. I would recommend VictorsFoods in a heartbeat, and next time I’d like to do the Masterchef challenge. Thanks Victor and team.
Mike Raleigh National Manager Distribution Caltex
A great idea and very novel, it really pulled people from different parts of our business together.
Stuart Freer Director of IT
Many thanks for hosting my management team for the Master Chef Challenge, I have to say the event was just awesome. Over the years I have done many events and this is my favourite by far, beating “The Amazing Race” and “Orienteering”. The way it brings the teams together to deliver fantastic food, which I personally never thought we could cook, is just awesome. The atmosphere that is created has pressure but loaded with fun, which makes for great team spirit. The descriptions of the prepared food and the tips provided by Victor were nothing short of a Michelin star. Finally, Wanitha. If I could bottle her enthusiasm and sprinkle it around then all the projects that we undertake would be a great success, and above all, our customers would love us. Again, thanks for an amazing event.
Gerald Tapper Director rogenSi
As part of our Exceptionally Performing Team workshops, VictorsFood provide fantastic events around the MasterChef concept that act as a metaphor for high performing teams. Victor is highly knowledgeable and can draw relevant learning insights for business audiences. He connects across a wide range of audience types, and his unruffled, casual but focused style makes his MasterChef events a lot of fun. I have real trust in his ability to support our work in a highly professional way.
Peter Scrivener
After a recent merger with a former competitor, we wanted to quickly get our new, expanded team really working together for maximum benefit. We arranged a series of different team building events for our regional offices around the country. The events we did with VictorsFood were outstanding. The energy VictorsFood created, their dedication to our objectives and the wonderful meals we made under their guidance were outstanding. Excellent value and results! I recommend VictorsFood for any team building experiences
Ron Griffiths Commonwealth Bank
Ours was a splendidly eloquent and inspiring team event. A brilliant demonstration of all the vital elements that unite a team – humour, trust, respect, energy, results! Victor’s enormous erudition and Wanitha’s interpretative audacity ensured the evening was bravura. In other words, everything we hoped to achieve and more! I have already recommended VictorsFood to a wide range of associates.
Martin Lord Head of Operations
One of the best team building events I have ever participated in.
Andrea Bradley, HR Director – Panasonic
It was a fantastic night and probably the best Christmas party I’ve been too, so I’ve also recommended it to other people!
Simon Shaw, Head of Stakeholder Relationships at Business Events Sydney
The feedback we received from the guests was this experience moulded a group of people who didn’t know each other into a group more like old friends without even realising that was the intention. VictorsFood were able to integrate a room full of buyers and sellers to a point where they weren’t just swapping business cards at the end of the night, but making appointments to meet. This could not have happened without VictorsFood providing the platform for these new relationships to be built.
Carlita Glode, National Events Coordinator, Property Council of Australia
Feedback on the night was outstanding. All attendees enjoyed the concept and cooking some of the food themselves. The VictorsFood team did a fantastic job at engaging the guests, getting them cooking together and even serving each other. I highly recommend VictorsFood!

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