Tequila Cured Salmon

Everyone keeps asking me for this recipe and even though I was saving it for the cookbook someday I am finally giving it up to all my fellow readers who just have to have it. It’s basically pretty easy but you need to make sure the salmon is wrapped carefully so the liquid doesn’t pour out when resting. Laying a flat tray on top to press the marinade into the salmon is important with a bit of weight on top. I lay a flat tray on top then put the mother mortar and pestle on top of it. That surely gets all the tequila and chipotle chilli into the salmon. Curing is a great way to cook in it’s own juices so it’s easy and the outcome is amazing. Your next dinner party will be a hit for sure with this recipe. Remember practice makes perfect!

Tequila Cured Salmon


1 side salmon fillet, skin on
(about 2 k)
3 tbs. chipotle chilli puree
1/2 cup dill seed
1/2 cup chopped coriander
3 tbs. cumin seeds
5 limes, zested
1.5 cups rock salt
2.5 cups brown sugar
2 bunches coriander, fresh
1 cup of tequila
150 g. hot Mustard
1 bunch dill, fresh, chopped

1. Line a baking sheet with cling wrap and place the salmon fillet on top flesh side up.
2. In a mixing bowl blend 150 gm of mustard and chipotle chilli puree and spread evenly over the salmon. Spread evenly with coriander, dill seeds, cumin seeds, and lime zest.
3. In a mixing bowl, combine the salt, brown sugar and tequila. Then cover the salmon with the salt mixture. Lay whole stalks of fresh coriander on top of salmon. Wrap the cling film around salmon to keep the curing marinade surrounding the salmon.
4. Place another baking tray or large tins on top of the salmon to press the curing marinade into the salmon. Refrigerate for 18-24 hours.
5. Remove from the fridge and scrape off the curing ingredients. The fish should have a raw appearance and a firm texture. If the colour changes to pale pink, the curing has gone on for too long and the fish is “cooked”.
6. Slice the salmon against the grain paper-thin and serve. If you wish after slicing you can mist the salmon with a small amount of tequila for more flavour. Serve with dill mustard sauce, horseradish cream with sides of blue corn chips, croutons or your favourite crunchy bread for people to put salmon onto with sauce.

Serves 10-12 as entrée or stand up canapé
*Chipotle chilli can be bought at any Mexican ingredient store in tins or read previous blog for stores in Australia.

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