Team Building Cooking – Why I Love It!

I love what I do. My team building cooking events are priceless. Sometimes a team of corporates can really try to outdo each other cutting an onion, you get the picture! But they come in with trepidation and soon are infected with enthusiasm, which is what I love about team building as it gives me energy.

Even though team building cooking isn’t an adrenaline sport it does have it’s moments. Like the time when the guy who was flambéing the prawns decided to try to flip them in the pan and they went flying over the balcony 7 stories down. Or the time the marketing team from a big company decided to put ouzo in the chocolate mousse so that it didn’t set. It was chocolate mousse for 200 which they just ruined. I urged them to “think out of the box” about how to fix it – a problem solving skill much needed in kitchens and boardrooms. Being they were from the marketing department, they came back with Greek Chocolate Milkshakes which they convinced their colleagues to try.

So, yes, cooking team building can be fun. At the same time, it produces great results. It gets people on equal footing (getting the CEO washing up with a junior clerk is great to see). Team building events with cooking bring them together immediately as interaction, communication, team work and strategic thinking all play an important role in a team building cooking activity, especially our MasterChef Challenge. And eating together is such a natural way for people to bond.

What I also love about team building cooking is getting people excited about good food and home cooking. So many of the people we work with have gotten into convenience eating. I regularly hear from people after events discovered how much they enjoy cooking, and eating together with their partners, families and friends.

I also love that cooking team building events tick all the boxes for ‘best practice’ team building events recommended in this Harvard Business Review blog post.

But what I really love about cooking team building is that the people who attend love it so much. I get so many hugs and kisses from people as they leave our events that I always think how incredibly lucky I am to do something I love so much.

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