Spring Fling

Spring is a sexy time of year for good reason; it’s when the sap starts to rise and everything in nature goes through a prolific growth phase. Humans are no exception (even though we like to think we are!). Spring is a time when energy levels – along with hemlines – soar so it’s important to ensure that you are eating the best possible nutrients to keep you fit, healthy and ready for action.

Here are five foods to add to your shopping basket this spring:


Quinoa Salad, Corn & Avocado Salsa with fresh herbs, Tzatziki

1.    Quinoa
An ancient grain from South America, quinoa (pronounced ‘keen-wa’) is one of the best-known sources of plant protein. Most boxed quinoas have been pre-soaked so all you need to do is treat it exactly as you would white rice; boil two cups of water to one cup of quinoa. It has a nutty flavour similar to brown rice crossed with lentils. For extra flavour, dry roast the quinoa in the pot until the nutty aroma rises, then add the boiling water. You can get my recipe for Quinoa Salad here: www.goodness.com.au/peruvian-quinoa-salad.html Nutritious and delicious!

2.    Blueberries
Believe the hype – blueberries are as good as they’re cracked up to be. It’s all to do with the anthocynanins contained in the berry skins. These superstar antioxidants are found in high concentration in red, blue and purple fruit so grapes (including wine!), raspberries and blackberries are excellent too.

3.    Natural yoghurt
A great source of calcium and an even better source of beneficial bacteria to balance the flora in your gut, yoghurt will aid digestion and if you are digesting your food properly, your system will extract nutrients in an optimal fashion. Throw in some lemon juice, grated cucumber and crushed garlic for an immune boosting tzatziki fix!

4. Fresh herbs
Bursting with living enzymes, chlorophyll and medicinal properties, fresh herbs are not just a cosmetic choice. Fresh mint will aid digestion, fresh parsley is a proven diuretic, oregano is a natural antibacterial and rosemary can assist in keeping oils fresh due to its carnosic acid content – add a sprig or two to your BBQ olive oil for a Mediterranean flavour boost!

5. Organic Eggs
Eggs, long thought to be a cholesterol-laden demon food are actually one of the most complete sources of protein and are great in assisting weight-loss because they help regulate insulin production. One important tip: do not hard boil the yolk of the egg. Cooking the yolk destroys the choline, a super nutrient that boosts memory function and assists in brain development in babies.  Instead, soft boil or poach your googies. Yummy and much better for you.

What are your favourite foods to give a healthy “Spring” to your step?

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