Mother’s Day

Giuseppina Maria Carmela Pisapia (left front)

Mothers come in all shapes and sizes but mine, being a proper Italian Mama, was round. There was nothing she couldn’t cook; no one she couldn’t feed. I know this because I spent half my childhood on a pushbike delivering homemade pizzas, cannoli, jars of red gravy and bags of homegrown veggies to all the rellies, neighbours, the neighbours’ neighbours and those people over the hill who once had dinner with the neighbours’ neighbours … you get the picture.

Growing up this way taught me the power that one woman can have on a community, and the power of food to connect people. I recently read a piece of research that found that all people – men and women alike – need to be in regular contact with a woman in order to avoid feelings of loneliness.

Why do you think this is? Is it because women are better listeners? Are more compassionate? Is it because of the food? Or is it simply that women have an ingrained instinct to nurture? If you’ve ever watched the way little girls play versus the way little boys play you will notice some distinct differences. While the boys are smashing things into walls, the little girls are hosting tea parties with their teddy bears.

Whatever the reason is, the truth is that women are wonderful. Honour your mother, a mother you know or simply honour the goddess within all women this Mother’s Day by cooking her something delicious. How about this unbelievable Tequila Cured Salmon for your Mother’s Day tea?

What was the best advice your mother gave you?

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