What is summer in Australia without a fantastic cocktail? Everyone has their favourites but after many years of people begging me for this recipe I am finally going to share. Sharing is good right?

When we first came to Australia and had our first margarita we knew something was wrong here. All margaritas were made with lemon juice and were watered down, where’s the tequila? Through our restaurant in the 90’s Rattlesnake Grill we perfected the margarita and made sure that lime was used not lemon. People loved them and from there we got a bit more excited as we saw fresh mangoes come onto the scene in summer months. Viola the MangoRita was born !
This recipe makes enough for about 10 but you can play with it a bit if needed but it has been worked on quite a lot, it has a kick even though, at first, you can’t feel it. If you like you can salt the rim as you do with most margaritas or have it as is. You can also add a half of a chopped habanero chilli to the mix as the habanero chilli has a mango type flavour and just adds that bit of zing one loves with the margarita. The margarita has an amazing history if your interested and everyone and their brother in Mexico said they invented it but whoever did we love them. On a summers day in sunny Sydney what could be more refreshing – bring on the guacamole! Check out some of my other recipes when time to make your palate zing of more pleasure.


Yield (200ml)10portions
lime juice60ml
mango cheeks450gm
ice, bag800gm
triple sec150ml
sea salt

1. Buy about 4-5 mango and cut flesh out and freeze otherwise buy frozen mango cheeks
2. Make the liquid mixture as above and mix well.
3. Place all ingredients in a blender with ice and blend till smooth and icy. Can do in batches if needed.
4. If using salt place a bit of triple sec on a plate and tip rim of margarita glass into triple sec. Then place rim of glass into flaked sea salt.
5. Remember you add a half of habanero chilli to this mix if you want a kick.
6. Garnish with a slice of lime and enjoy!

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