Life on a Food Truck – Clover Food Truck

Our former intern, Andres Castello, knowing of our fascination with food trucks, shares a bit of his recent experience working on one of the fleet owned and operated by Clover Food Lab – serving up a new type of fast food. VP

For the past few months I have been part of the team at Clover Food Truck located on MIT’s campus.

Clover Food Truck

Clover Food Truck

Clover is bringing a new type of “fast food” to Boston. The “fast food” is made from locally sourced ingredients, is completely vegetarian, and when possible, organic!

Working on the food truck has allowed me to learn about the Food Truck movement in the American northeast. Consumers are educating themselves on how important food is, regarding are health. Americans are demanding healthier and fresher foods more and more. Our food truck seeks to meet this growing demand by preparing and cooking vegetarian food right before your eyes!

Potatoes are cut and fried per order and sandwiches are prepared fresh. Sandwiches are creative vegetarian and vegan plays on BLT’s, BBQ, and other classics. All utensils and cups are compostable and the restaurant composts on-site.

It has been great to be part of the growing Food Truck Craze in Boston, and it is great to continue working to provide fresh food while cleaning and ‘greening’ our planet!

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