Keep on Truckin’

America is crazy for food trucks. We’re not talking delivery vehicles or even the old hot dog stand. These are mobile kitchens on wheels with business plans, social media, even an online magazine for the “mobile cuisine industry”.

New York - Taco Truck

This craze is fun and interesting to see for me, but it makes a lot of restaurant owners unhappy as it’s taking away a lot of their business and the trucks don’t have to pay the big overheads. Nevertheless, they are very popular. Their success lies in the fact that they are fun to look at, many serve interesting, “fast” food and it’s portable. You know with our cooking team building events, we are all about portability!

They are everywhere in all major cities. There are food trucks that dodge city traffic honking their horns as they jockey to position themselves in the best spots for passers-by. Some are ultimate Taco Trucks and some are Big Gay Ice Cream trucks, but yes, they are trucks and, yes, some serve really good food.

Some of the menus are quite amazing! Think wagyu beef burgers, lobster “sliders”, slow cooked beef rib tacos and fresh, unique salads.

New York Food Truck

On my trip to New York, I even found a food truck inside this crazy garage / warehouse taqueria. Apparently they push the truck out front onto the street on nicer days.

New York - Breakfast Tacos

We had soft breakfast tacos. Even when I walked out of the Key West Literary seminar for food writers, there was one in front of the San Carlos. We got jalapeno gin drinks and bruschetta as a little treat.

Have you ever eaten from a food truck? If so, what did you eat, where did you eat and how was it? Mobile foodies want to know!

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