Just Add Spice – New Book by Lyndey Milan and Ian (Herbie) Hemphill

My amazing food friends Lyndey Milan and Ian (Herbie’s Spices) Hemphill are a perfect match for sharing their recipes and spice adventures in their latest book “Just Add Spice“. Both of them are talented writers and wonderful story tellers so sit down and join the fun as they dip their tastebuds into world flavours matching all the spices of the world for a mouth ride adventure.

When I saw the title of this great new book, I knew it would be a fun romp through the world of spices and how they interconnect with each other. People are often unsure about using spices, imagining that ‘spice’ means ‘hot’. Lyndey and Ian explain this is not the case, showing how herbs and spices can bring the simplest of recipes to life, even using my favourite – chillies! And while people most often associate spices with savoury food, these two show how easily this can be applied to sweet dishes too, from ginger and star anise crème brulee to lemongrass poached pears.

These are two of the best writers and educators when it comes to good food so it’s worth a big look.

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