Is Drinking Good For You?

A recent new acquaintance says drinking is everything for him. Can this be good? Perhaps in the right places, with the right drink in your hand…if you don’t have too much?

No, my new contact is not an alcoholic. He is a connoisseur of good bars. He only drinks the good stuff at the good places! I came across this gentleman at a recent networking event. You wouldn’t know from looking at him that he was part of the booze nazi group that writes about bars. His website https://barzine.com.au/ is great, highlighting all the best drinks, bars and new far out cocktails Sydney has to offer.

Why not try your Latin drinks at the new Brazilian bar Boteco in Surry Hills, or check out Moose in Newtown? Or, there is Small Bar, and Tokonoma, and the list goes on. For a bar education, this is the site to sign up to. Do you think drinking is really good for you? I think everything is good, in moderation. Cheers!

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