Indoor Team Building Ideas to Try

From Yoga to Cooking Contests: Indoor Team Building Ideas to Try

Team building” has far more importance than it may at first seem.  It’s more than just an excuse to get off work and goof around. It’s a vital element in any business, showing people how to communicate and work together effectively.  

Most importantly, it lets employees build camaraderie in the workplace. When people realize that they enjoy spending time together, the typical 9 to 5 becomes less of a burden and more of an incentive to be around other employees they respect and admire.   

It also gives them a chance to shine. That mousy employee who hides behind his cubicle every Monday morning might just turn into a social butterfly when given the opportunity.

If you still haven’t made plans for this year’s big team building event, we’ve got you covered – here are some booze-free ideas for your business.

The best indoor team building ideas

  • Bridge building

Old but gold, this classic team building activity never goes out of style because of the values it promotes, not to mention the tension and excitement it generates.

The task is deceptively simple at first glance – two teams are given materials to construct a bridge, with each team building half the structure without seeing each other, relying only on verbal communication to make sure that their designs are identical.

This activity promotes not just effective communication, but creativity, cooperativeness, and coordination.


  • Drumming sessions

If your team is musically inclined, consider organizing a drumming session. But they don’t need to be Beethoven either to join the fun – drums can be played to different rhythms and tempos, so even someone with no prior musical training will enjoy the session. 

All they need is spunk. Drumming requires a tremendous amount of physical energy, making it a great outlet for releasing pent-up stress and tension.  No musical instrument is as exhilarating, and when played as a group, it can be a transcendent experience that creates a feeling of oneness.


  • Escape room

The escape room challenge will test your team’s problem-solving skills and ability to think clearly under pressure. In this activity, employees are ushered into a locked room and given a time limit to break out. Participants must put their heads together, spotting clues and solving puzzles in order to escape.

Employees must stay calm and collected while minding the time. They must pool their knowledge and own up to mistakes to beat the challenge.


  • Yoga and meditation  

Something for the more laid back: try organizing a yoga and meditation class. It’s a great way to increase mindfulness and reduce stress. For this activity, you can organize an introductory class for beginners. If some of your employees already have experience, opt for a multi-level class that can accommodate everyone.

Yoga classes are a great warm-up activity for a whole day or weekend of wellness in Sydney. It can also take some of the edge off after a long meeting or conference.

To up the ante, you can get employees to do partner yoga. For this activity, employees can work in pair or as a whole group in order to execute several yoga poses. This requires communication, coordination, and respect.


  • Mural making

The art lovers on your team will enjoy building a giant office mural. Organize a paint party where employees can give design ideas and play around with color. You can also get an artist to lay down the original design and have employees add color to it. 


  • Trivia night

Who was Australia’s first female Premier? What was the name of the horse that won the 1992 Melbourne Cup? When was the Sydney Opera House built?

Give employees the opportunity to flex their mental muscles by organizing trivia night. Each team should be seated at their designated tables and given a booklet with trivia questions ranging from easy to difficult. The goal is to score higher than everyone else.

This activity promotes assertiveness and healthy competition among the team.


  • Corporate cooking event

Of course we would include this! Who doesn’t love great food? A corporate cooking event is bound to be a hit with the employees, who will learn Curtis Stone-level skills and food prepping secrets under the guidance of a professional.

There’s also a lot of variety to be had in a cooking event, from bake-offs to chocolate challenges, making it a versatile team building idea.  

This activity breaks down interpersonal barriers, requiring participants to communicate and support each other in order to create the perfect dish.

After that comes the best part – sampling each dish that has been meticulously prepared by the team.  VictorsFood is the leading corporate cooking event company in Sydney, offering cooking parties and food tours to lucky participants.


Tip for a smooth corporate team building event

Proper planning and execution is the key to a successful team building event. Before anything else, you must set a clear goal and a budget for the event. Choose a time and date that is convenient for everyone involved, and create an air of friendliness to put employees at ease.

Consulting with a professional like VictorsFood to make your job easier, and to come up with fun and interesting activities that everyone will enjoy.

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