Hydraulic Workers as MasterChefs – Who would have thought?

When the phone call came through telling me that I had to go out to Western Sydney and do a MasterChef competition with a mostly male group of Hydraulic workers well you can imagine what I thought – this should be interesting. Well once there I came across some of the loveliest guys around and the women in the group added that special spice that makes the pot just boil over a bit. They said to me that cooking shouldn’t be that hard as it’s just using a different tool then what they are use to already so I said hey “I like these guys” they are pretty open minded. Anyway the night went on with lots of competitive activity with each team battling it out for Best Team, Best Food, Best Apprentice and Best Team Leader. It’s amazing what happens when there is awards involved. Watching them pick apart the “mystery box” and trying to create the perfect dish was so rewarding as it was a contest that was heating up trying to outdo each other. I had MasterChef contestant MIchelle Darlington with me on the night to make it a very believable event but all they wanted to do all night is get their picture taken with her which made everyone happy. So after the event I thought this is a good news story so off it went to one of the HR magazines for Hydraulics (Hydraulics and Pneumatics) and it has now been published in that trade magazine. This all reconfirms what I totally believe in when it comes to cooking “everyone can do it”. Read the whole story about a bunch of great people, working together and engaging and producing some awesome food on top of it all.

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