Herradura Tequila

My 3 events with Herradura Tequila cooking with the bartenders from Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney are now finished and I must say I had a fantastic time. My brief was to use our team building client entertaining model to inspire the bartenders to cook with tequila instead of using it for drinks thus many new recipes were made to enjoy the drop in a different fashion. The interesting part of all this was that through cooking with it the bartenders then got some new ideas of how to use some of the new food ingredients they learned in their cocktails such as chipotle chilli (smoked jalapeno). These cooking brainstorm sessions sparked interest in food as well as new cocktail ideas thus bringing the message home that tequila is versatile in many ways and has amazing depth when used in the right way.

I loved working with the bartenders as their joy for life brought lots of magic to the cooking sessions and their enthusiasm to get things tasting and looking good was refreshing to say the least. I congratulate Herradura Tequila for stepping out of the box on this and bringing a different focus towards their product. It shows forward thinking on their part as a company and at the same time educates people to know the differences in tequila which is making a big comeback now on the world stage. One of the fun recipes from the day was the Chocolate Olive Oil Mousse with tequila soaked cherries. Do you have any favourite tequilas that you drink or favourite tequila recipes? There are now some amazing ones out there.

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