A year of food experiences to connect you

After a wonderful break  in the US I’m just bursting with energy and expecting that this year will be a good one. Four weeks with family and friends and a wild variety of food adventures across the country have left me feeling inspired. Why? Because it was all about connections.

The feeling in the US at the moment is that things are starting to change in how people relate to and through food. There are more conversations over the dinner table, there is more sharing in the kitchen and people are expressing their creativity and love through the food they are preparing with and for each other.

I’ve always believed in the value of nurturing connections between people, whether family, friends or work colleagues, and what better way to do it than over food? This philosophy has always driven what we do at VictorsFood, and it was wonderful to have conversations with food writers at a literary seminar in Florida while I was in the US, who expressed interest and appreciation for our approach as we discussed these emerging trends.

Food nourishes our bodies, and the preparation and sharing of meals can nourish our souls. These experiences can create strong bonds, and the memories last a lifetime. I am looking forward this year to exploring how to make sure food is bringing you nourishment in every sense.

I am also looking forward to cranking up the BBQ in the next few months and bringing you back to what summer is all about – fresh food bursting with bright flavours in the great outdoors. I’ve also collected some fabulous new recipes for ceviche, glazed chipotle barbecued ribs and have been inspired by the amazing Cajun and Mexican dishes I ate on my holiday — so look out!

What a great year this is going to be! Let’s go!

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