Food bloggers we love: Reem Abdelaty from I Am Obsessed with Food

When did you start it?: July 2008

Why did you start it?: I used to sit next to a friend at work, and she got really sick of me talking about food; where I was planning to go, where I’d been, what I’d eaten, and on and on, and one day she snapped and just said, ‘Enough! Just start a blog already!’. So I did. I was also hugely inspired and devoted to reading foodblogs, in particular NotQuiteNigella and the old school Grab Your Fork.

What was the last thing you ate?: A banana. The problem with loving food is that it can have deleterious side effects including weight gain, so I’m battling the bulge as we speak

What is your favourite food and why?: Hmm, good question. I’m not sure. I’m currently obsessed with oysters and their natural companion, French champagne and /or Italian Prosecco. I also love chocolate (of course! The Lindt chilli choc and /or the salted are favourites)  and Maggie Beer Burnt Fig, caramel and  honeycomb icecream, but pretty much anything with figs gets me.

What is your favourite Chef and/or restaurant and why?: Favourite chef? Honestly, I couldn’t say. I really love trying all sorts of things, and each chef brings his or her own spin to things. However my favourite restaurants are Fix St James, Buzo, Perama and La Casa for diversity, excellent service and consistency. These restaurants rarely drop the ball.

What is your favourite ingredient and why?: Eggs! They really are remarkable, from making cakes rise, to luscious custards to a simple boiled egg on toast, sweet and savoury they are a super ingredient.

What is your favourite foodie country and why?: I think I’m having a love affair with Italian food at the moment. I just finished a gorgeous book called ‘Sicilian Food’ by Mary Taylor Simeti about the history of Sicilian food with all these amazing recipes etc. Also, most of my favourite restaurants seem to be Italian or Italian inspired.

Who are your favourite bloggers?: NotQuiteNigella, David Lebovitz for his witty observations of Parisians, Melbourne Gastronome for the lowdown on Melbourne, Lemonpi for her exquisite creations, Pikelet & Pie for her amazing travels and taste, the Ortolan’s Last meal, and for the Sydney buzz before it hits the mainstream The Unbearable Lightness of Being Hungry

Who would you invite to your dream dinner party?: Not chefs! Actually, I would have loved to have had Paul and Julia Child to dinner, I’m currently reading My Life in France and I just imagine that they would be the *best* dinner party guests. I would also invite Stephen Fry to match wits with the Childs (I could sit in awe), Maggie Alderson so I could get some fashion tips, and a bunch of my food-obsessed friends.

What would you cook?: Hmm, with that line up I wouldn’t attempt it! I’d be too nervous! I think I would call on trusted professionals to do it, so I could relax and enjoy the evening. But I would dictate that it be fresh and seasonal, as well as sustainable and as local as is practical.

What is the one foodie experience everyone should have before they die?: Oh, I don’t think it can be narrowed down to one experience, particularly as food can be so ritualised. I think the best experiences are unexpected. Approach food with an open mind and as the Italians say Gusto and you’ll find a whole new world of flavour and taste will open up to you.

Please finish this sentence: ‘When I am in the kitchen, I … tend to boogie with the music up loud …

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