Food bloggers we love: Rebecca Varidel from Inside Cuisine

When did you start your blog?: In 2009. The domain name was registered on my birthday on 1st May.

Why did you start it?: I’d had a couple of previous blogs, and they were started to share originally to share my family recipes.

What was the last thing you ate?: Leftovers from the New Year’s Eve party

What is your favourite food and why?: I’m not sure that I have a favourite food, rather I’d say I like to eat food that is fresh and in season.

Who is your favourite Chef and/or restaurant and why?: I eat at a lot of restaurants and have a lot of chefs that are friends, so wouldn’t want to single out one. While flavour for me is always of the utmost importance, I really admire chefs that have kitchen gardens and support sustainability such as Peter Gilmore, Stefano Manfredi and Jared Ingersoll.

What is your favourite ingredient?: Salt.

What is your favourite foodie country and why?: I do love Paris but am hard pressed to pick one country out of France, Italy and Spain. I’m definitely mostly inspired by European cuisine.

Who are your favourite bloggers?: My favourite food blog is Gaestroenophile by Bruce Palling who now also writes for the Wall Street Journal. And I also like to read travel and fashion blogs.

Who would you invite to your dream dinner party?: A group that are good conversationalists, enjoy good food and wine and will try anything.

What would you cook?: It would depend on the season, but I’d probably include one dish in my favourite cookery technique of ‘en papillote’

What is the one foodie experience everyone should have before they die?: I’m yet to go truffle hunting so I’ll say that.

Please finish this sentence: ‘When I am in the kitchen, I…’ am as happy as a kid in a candy store.

To visit Rebecca’s blog click here.

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