Fish Face

Fish Face – A Fish Cafe
132 Darlinghurst Rd, Hodges
Darlinghurst NSW Australia
(02) 9332-4803

Everything about Fish Face https://www.fishface.com.au/ is great when it comes to fish. Chef Steve Hodges brings honesty and flavour to the table in each dish. His presentation style hits the mark with only perfect cooked vegetables to match the dish. Fish Face sits in a small little spot in Darlinghurst where you have to wait for tables as they are busy daily. If you get there early like we did you luck out and score a table but Sydney always amazes me that they eat so early – no one here needs an early bird special as people eat at 6pm usually anyway. I still dream of Sydney being like Buenos Aires and dinner is served at 10-12pm. What a difference?

We arrived and got a little table in the corner with high stools to sit on. If I had to score Fish Face for comfort it would just get an o.k. rating as it’s tight and not much room on tables so maybe not the best place to propose to your one and only. Menu specials are on the board across the room which no one can see so more moving around and hard copy menus are brought. The wine list with most wines over $50 is also hung up on the wall. Our Little Water Pinot Gris from NSW was fresh, light and had a bit of an orange tinge to it which was interesting. We found it lost its’ length after a few sips but then again we had two bottles. The food was excellent with 4 of us trying various dishes such as crispy skin snapper with white anchovy and garlic, potato scaled Trevella which has the most beautiful peas floating in the lemon sauce on the plate. My dish was a Hiramasa https://www.australianhiramasa.com/hir_content_1.asp Kingfish which was a very large portion of succulent white meat served with puy lentils. The prawn dish with ricotta rotolo pasta was beautiful, rich and full of flavour which they are not short on at Fish Face.

All the flavours here jump into your mouth immediately and say fresh, fresh, fresh and it’s very satisfying portion wise. The custard tart and apple tart were both a great finish to this wonderful meal. Our bill came to $100 each so not a cheap and cheerful but you felt you got top quality for an amazing meal. Go and enjoy the moment at Fish Face but get there early or late. Remember it’s more of a cafe experience with the best fish in Sydney being served at fine dining prices. Check out their website and let me know what you think?

132 Darlinghurst Rd, Darlinghurst
(02) 9332-4803

Price Guide
Entrees $24-$28; mains $35-$42.0; desserts $14

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