Feel the Paua (New Zealand Paua Fritters)

Paua are similar to abalone, but a fuller flavour and much firmer flesh that needs some tenderising. The iridescent shells are often used for jewellery. Well this is what I found out on my recent trip to Wellington, New Zealand. As a serious foodie I thought I had heard about mostly everything but that’s the beauty of life there’s always something new to learn. My chef friend David went fishing one morning in Wellington and came home with these amazing looking creatures we call Paua. They are pretty popular in New Zealand their homeland. They reminded me a lot of conch fritters from Key West, Florida. They are fairly rubbery but once you mince them they tenderise and you are able to work with them easily. We made some beautiful Paua fritters which served with a squeeze of lemon and hint of crushed salt were delicious. Has anyone else out there eaten these? Foodie minds want to know. Click here for Paua fritters recipe


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