Executive PA’s Get Cooking With VictorsFood

VictorsFood and Stamford Plaza Airport hosted a great group of Executive PA magazine readers not long ago to showcase our hands-on team building events. Getting them all to cook was tricky at first, but they jumped right in when I told them they weren’t going to break their nails.;-)

I am always amazed how many people just don’t cook. But, I had them rolling Vietnamese spring rolls, making salmon quesadillas and got them to smile for the “money shot” while they flambeed prawns. (It’s always a winner!) We did a special 30 minute tapas-style event. It’s brilliant what a team can create in 30 minutes!

Executive PA magazine wrote about the night and it was great sharing a “little bite of the world” with all the conference and event organisers.  They had a great night so have a quick read:


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