The MasterChef Stage Show

The Event
Lights, Camera, Action – 1 hour, Team Sizes 50+


You select a small group from your larger team to compete MasterChef style in a timed event, preparing a light meal for the whole team in 1 hour under the guidance of our talented and fun Chef/Presenters, with plenty of engagement for the whole audience. This event is brilliant entertainment with a light meal – perfect for larger groups on a tight budget or timeline. Excite your team as they cheer on the competition, and provide everyone with a light meal while building team spirit and getting your messages out effectively.


Want to add extra buzz? We can arrange appearances by celebrity chefs to fire things up!


We can do anything from a 30 minute ice breaker to a 4 hour sit-down. If you have an idea that isn’t on the list, please contact us with your specifications.

Listing Reviews
  • 5 Stars
    Our Christmas party was a hit thanks to VictorsFood. The Masterchef Challenge was a great team building exercise where our staff were able to interact with people they don’t normally work with on a day to day basis, building trust and rapport amongst staff. But best of all, it was FUN, the food was delicious. Plus we all learnt a tip or two about cooking. Thumbs up for a great job.


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