Hot Chocolate (and more!)

The Event
Indulge Your Team – 2 hours


We love how cooking and eating together builds bonds between people. And people love chocolate. So, it seemed natural to bring them together in a hands-on dessert cooking event for your team featuring chocolate.


Learn about chocolate, work together to make and enjoy a number of chocolate and other sweet delights. Then pack up your rewards to take home or back to the office—if they get that far. When you talk about incentives, it’s hard to go past desserts and chocolate.


Chocolate Corporate Cooking ClassLike all of our events, ‘Hot Chocolate’ suits any size group, anywhere, so we can do this event with teams across Australia.


Read about more of our team building offerings using the menu to the right. We can do anything from a 30 minute ice breaker to a 4 hour sit-down. If you have an idea that isn’t on the list, please contact us with your specifications.


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