EP Teams (with rogenSi)

The Event
Exceptional – 1 and 1.5 days options


This program from organisational development leaders rogenSi and VictorsFood leverages rogenSi’s “secret” to exceptional performance using VictorsFood’s uniquely effective MasterChef Challenge to create the ultimate leadership development, learning and bonding experience for teams wanting to enhance their performance.


Research shows that people learn better when exposed to new information in ways that engage as many senses as possible. With rogenSi training a team in their EP (Exceptionally Performing) Team framework, using our MasterChef Challenge team cooking event as an experiential, the members of the team engage through every sense, cementing their learnings. Together we deliver an incredibly effective learning experience that takes teams into realms of exceptional performance.


rogenSi deliver a half-day introduction to the EP Team model, followed by our half-day MasterChef Challenge cooking experience, focusing on the key dimensions of the model. VictorsFood Chef Presenters utilise their understandings of team dynamics and the rogenSi model to reinforce the experiential aspects of the learning. Optionally rogenSi follow up with a half-day debrief to integrate the theoretical model and the physical experience.


Download our brochure: EPTeam – VictorsFood MasterChef Leadership Development



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