Eating Oysters with Wild Jim on the South Coast of NSW

On a reccie this week to finalise my South Coast Food Tour upcoming as part of the Sydney International Food Festival (SIFF) on Oct 31-Nov 1, I met Wild Jim, World Champion Oyster Shucker. Yes, he has trophies. This was an experience to remember.
MasterChef contestant & tour co-leader Michelle Darlington and I rocked up to his Greenwell Point Oyster Depot Site down a dirt road along the inlet. Wild Jim greeted us and took us into his oyster soaking room where naked girl calendars loomed over the oysters. He must have thought that the oysters like this bit of perving. We had a good giggle and went along for the ride. Jim Wild lives up to his name.
Jim shucked some oysters (faster then a speeding bullet), set us up a table by the shack and proceeded to tell us that oysters definitely are a natural viagra. At age 65 he says he’s still enjoying the benefits.
We loved Jim. He is happy, fresh, embraces life and all he wants to do is farm oysters and make people happy. Eating oysters with Jim is a food experience to remember.
You must visit “Jim Wild’s Oysters” 170 Greens Rd. Greenwell Point, NSW Australia
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