Drink Up on a Cold Night – Recipe: Spiced Hot Chocolate Milk

I left New York City long ago so I could bathe in the sunshine of Australia, swim in the Pacific and leave the cold east coast of the USA behind.  Wrong!  With the wind howling on this winters night, all I can think of is Hot Chocolate.  It’s childhood memories all over again.

Try this recipe from my Simply Pefect Chocolate cooking class. (If you’re keen on chocolate, we also do Chocolate Cooking Team Building!) Enjoy and rug up!

Spiced Hot Chocolate Milk

Spiced Hot Chocolate Milk


1 lt milk

5 cinnamon sticks

10 cardamom pods crushed

pinch black paper

chocolate chips, to taste


  1. Place milk and spices in a pot over medium-low heat. Simmer to infuse the flavours. Strain into cups.
  2. Add your favourite chocolate into the spiced hot milk, stir until the chocolate melts and enjoy!

Note: For quick melting, chop the chocolate or use small buttons.

Serving Suggestion: Compliment with 3 balls of chocolate: white, milk and dark.

Serves 6


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