Discover The Power Of Pre Conference Team Building


Corporate conferences are supposed to bring everyone together in a spirit of connection and shared energy but for many teams, these big yearly events spell extra pressure and long hours which can leave them feeling burned out. The build-up to a company conference can be stressful for the staff who are organizing the event as well as the more experienced team members who are to play pivotal roles in the conference. Then there are the newcomers to the company. Something has to give!


Team Building For Conference Season

When planning a conference for your company don’t forget to look after your team! The beginning of the conference season is the best possible time to focus on team building. Instead of expecting the event itself to fortify the team, why not send in an already united force?

Consider VictorsFood for a Masterchef team building experience to break down the barriers and unite your team as one. We leave teams feeling empowered and fully united with a sense of strong connection between each member. They’ll walk away feeling more innovative and motivated to make the most of the conference and leave others with an impression of solidarity.


Team Building The Masterchef Way

Masterchef Team building is an interactive cooking event where your team will be taught chef grade knife skills, food prep and kitchen secrets in a hilarious race to out-cook each other! Even still….the experience runs much deeper than that. The cooking and the kitchen environment is merely a framework for some deep relationship building to take place:

  • Each team member will quickly become aware of their own strengths and weaknesses. They will be given a chance to shine and allow others to do the same.
  • Just as their knife skills are honed, their problem-solving skills are cultivated as they race against each other to bring a complex, multi-layered recipe to fruition.
  • The kitchen environment breaks down any interpersonal barriers. The result of this is not just a gorgeous meal, but a team who consider themselves friends.
  • The recipes require each team to collaborate, innovate and create as a single unit, valuable skills they can take from the kitchen to the workplace.
  • When the aprons go on, everyone in the team is equally responsible which is perfect for dissolving any misunderstanding and judgments between team members.
  • Group cooking is fun and exciting, it boosts morale, makes employees more grateful for each other and helps them to feel connected in and outside the workplace.
  • The atmosphere of competition leaves group motivation at an all-time high as your team work together to garner bragging rights in the challenges that face them on the day and into the future.


One Day, 20 People, One Team

The Masterchef team building experience is an engaging and accessible way to help your team work together better. We know every team has unique needs, so simply task our staff with the objectives you have for your team and let us put them through their paces.

They’ll be split into small crews and assigned the job of cooking a meal together under pressure. Our presenters are there to guide the process and gently push your team members into a place of connection through increased communication, empathy and humour.

To find out more about our team building events contact us! Switched on corporate leaders across Australia have been using this service since 2009. We’re so confident in the Masterchef Team Building challenge that we guarantee we’ll meet your company objectives or we’ll refund.

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