Are you looking for a great Australian olive oil?

Are you looking for a great Australian olive oil? You’ll be interested in reading this article from CHOICE:

Extra virgin olive oil 2010 review

Choice Magazine ranks Cobram Estate one of Australia’s top olive oils

AUSTRALIA, JULY 2010 – Cobram Estate has been named one of the top three “What to Buy” Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVOOs) by leading consumer advocacy group Choice (www.choice.com.au) in a recent story on EVOOs. The story, which was an investigative piece on the labelling of EVOOs in Australia, found that half of the EVOOs on Australian shelves (predominantly imported Spanish and Italian varieties) did not meet the international requirements for “extra virgin”. In contrast, nine of the top 10 brands in Choice’s taste test are of Australian origin, with Cobram Estate EVOO one of the top buys. The Choice article reaffirmed Cobram’s strong belief that consumers should support Australian olive oil producers, and buy Australian EVOO to ensure peak freshness and quality.

“At Cobram Estate, we are committed to producing only the very best EVOO,” Executive Director Leandro Ravetti said. “We were the first company to market olive oil certified as Extra Virgin under the Australian Extra Virgin Code of Practice, and have voluntarily adhered to the highest Australian and international standards for EVOO since our establishment. Cobram Estate’s system of vertical integration gives us absolute control and full traceability over all stages of EVOO production, from seedling to bottling, and ensures that we produce only the best and freshest Australian EVOO to our strict and exacting standards.”

Cobram Estate’s custom-built harvesting machines, strong and efficient production systems, and advanced processing and storage technology ensure that the olive fruits are carefully harvested, then taken straight from the tree to the state-of-the-art processing plants where they are cleaned and the oils carefully extracted. The dramatically reduced processing times ensure that the freshness of the olives is captured shortly after harvesting, and that only the best oils from the fruit are obtained. The speed with which harvesting and processing is conducted also eliminates the issues that plague other international olive producers, which include damage to the olive fruits from poor harvesting methods, and prolonged and poor storage of fruit due to long processing times. In form with International Olive Council (IOC) standards, none of Cobram Estate’s EVOOs are tainted by refinement or chemical adulteration, and are all bottled at their very peak with the year of harvest clearly stated.

As freshness, aroma and flavour intensity and complexity are essential markers of EVOO, and Australian EVOOs are guaranteed to reach supermarket shelves first. Cobram Estate advocates purchasing Australian-produced EVOOs which are certified extra virgin by the AOA (see symbol below). Cobram Estate’s position as the leading Australian EVOO producer, twice voted olive grower of the year and Australia’s most awarded EVOO brand means that consumers can be assured that Cobram Estate produces only the best and purest EVOOs that meet international EVOO standards for organoleptic (taste) and chemical testings.

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